Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray

Born in Lleida in 1972.

He is an industrial technical engineer with a degree in Marketing, specializing in Market Research and Techniques.

During the last term of office he has combined the positions of Director General of Public Centers of the Department of Education with that of President of the Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona. During this stage, he has been one of the most visible faces of the Department in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic in the educational field and has successfully led the integration of several educational centers into the public network of the Department of Education.

His professional beginnings were in private companies as an auditor and quality consultant and technical director of training and, subsequently, he began to work as a secondary school teacher and teacher in various institutions (School of Public Administration, UOC and UdL, among others).

He has held various public and institutional positions: he has been coordinator of the Department of Culture, Education and Sports of the Diputació de Barcelona (2015-2018); director of The Territorial Services of Barcelona of the Department of Social Action and Citizenship (2009-2011); assistant to the Secretariat for Immigration of the Department of Social Action and Citizenship (2007-2008); Manager of the Barcelona Education Consortium (2006-2007) and Deputy Director of Territorial Services in Barcelona city of the Department of Education (2005-2006).

He is co-author of the book In Search of the Treasure, adaptations of oriental stories and the novel Helvasaccc Barcelona.