How to vote on November 9th
There will be at least 600 locations and more than 6,000 polling stations open so participation and voting can take place
  • Those eligible to vote, through their National Identification Document, must prove to be over the age of 16 and hold residence in Catalonia.
  • Voting will take place in government buildings owned by the Generalitat of Catalonia. Mainly in schools across the nation as well as in the 7 territorial delegations of the Generalitat.
  • National Identity Document cards must be presented at the participation and voting locations. Foreign residents living in Catalonia must present their NIE documentation to exercise their right to vote. Passports will not to be accepted in either case.
  • In order to avoid vote duplication, before participating on November 9th, electronic registration will be required at the voting and participation location.
  • To effectively take part in the 9-N participation, it is necessary that the questions on the ballot be answered. The questions can be seen by downloading the ballot from the internet at
20,000 volunteers will be needed at the polling stations
  • At each polling station there will be three volunteers, of which one will be the official clerk of the station.
  • There will be 3,000 civil servants, also acting as volunteers, to collaborate with the participation. For every two polling stations there will be one civil servant in charge of supervising the 9-N vote.
  • The final recount will be officially validated by the civil servants.
  • Anyone who wishes to volunteer for the 9-N participation can register online at
All who, according to their National Identification Document, hold residency in Catalonia will be able to vote
  • Residents living abroad who, according to their ID documentation, hold residency in Catalonia will be able to participate.
  • Residents living abroad will also be able to participate at the delegations of the Generalitat as well as at the Governmental Agencies of Competitiveness for Companies in Catalonia which fall under the Ministry of Business and Labour. In total, there will be 14 sites located abroad to participate and vote on November 9th.
It is reminded that:
  • Participation is not permitted prior November 9th of 2014
  • If one is not able to participate on November 9th, with appropriate justification, one will be able to do so within 15 days of the given date.
  • The first provisional results will be made public on Monday 10th of November 2014. Final results will be published after 15 days of the participation.
For more information:
Call 012 or visit


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#84 How to vote on November 9th

#84 How to vote on November 9th
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