The stages outlined by President Artur Mas were as follows:



1. Elections to have consultation on the independence of Catalonia in a way that cannot be obstructed by the State
The elections should comprise a transversal candidacy made up of civil society and political parties capable of winning an absolute majority with a programme the international community undoubtedly would identifies as a ‘Yes’ to independence.
The political parties would be left in the background although there would be guarantees established for their continuity in the subsequent elections. The independents would not be able to present themselves again; furthermore, President Mas could either lead the candidate list or close it.

2. A legislature lasting 18 months to prepare the independence
The Parliament would notify the international community regarding Catalonia’s plea to become a State and would initiate negotiations for its outcome. It would then prepare the necessary State structures and would initiate a participative process to establish a constitution of Catalonia.

3. Constituent elections and ratify by referendum the will to become an independent State


The citizenry of Catalonia, in an exceptional act, would elect a constituent Parliament and would ratify by referendum, with the full knowledge of the cause and in a definitive manner, the proclamation of independence.

In these elections, the political parties would present themselves as they would in an ordinary election.


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