The Government has approved promotion of the use of hydrogen from renewable sources as a strategic energy policy for the energy transition and an opportunity for energy storage. The aim is to contribute to optimising the use of electricity grids, while also achieving greater penetration for renewable energies.

To achieve this, impetus will be given to creating the Catalan Centre for the Decarbonisation of Industry, thus creating a space for research and knowledge transfer bringing together and promoting R&D&I activities and the development of the technologies required to decarbonise industry.

This institution will complement the Catalan innovation system and other potential instruments promoted by Catalan, state and European authorities. The aim of the centre is to provide Catalan industry with technological solutions to decarbonise its production processes.

It was also agreed to recognise the Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia as a structural, multi-agent, public-private partnership instrument and, in the long term, as the main instrument to promote the renewable hydrogen economy and its use in Catalonia.

Creation of an inter-ministerial coordination group

The Government has also agreed to create an inter-ministerial coordination group made up of the ministries of Business and Labour, which will chair the group, Economy and Finance, Foreign Action and European Union, Education, Research and Universities, Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, and Territory.

Its functions include pooling the relevant activities in each participating ministry in this field, ensuring compliance with commitments and coordinating initiatives that provide opportunities for cooperation to maximise impact, among others.