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The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, today stressed that last Sunday’s election results place the independence movement “in a position of opportunity to make progress in resolving the political conflict and one of responsibility, because the moment is important”

“Circumstances give us a second chance, let us take advantage of it as if it were the last and let us work together, with maximum demands,” said President Aragonès to the pro-independence forces during Question Time, noting that the citizens have used the ballot boxes to send the message that “we have to reach an agreement”. Resolving the political conflict “implies negotiation”, and Aragonès said that “we will do better if we do it together”, asking for a refrain from reproaches that hinder this united front and that we “work together”, “with maximum efficiency”. “For my part, you will find every facility and willingness to reach an agreement,” he said.

Despite the fact that the results obtained by the pro-independence groups “have not been good”, the President called for the need to “construct scenarios to be able to make progress on the part of the objectives that we share, which are many”. He stressed the opportunity to make progress in resolving the political conflict, but also in other fundamental issues such as “health, education, the financing of public services and infrastructure”.“We must defend everything,” he said.

Another of the President’s readings of the election results is the slowing down of the right-wing bloc: "I feel very proud of a country that has stopped the right wing and the extreme right wing, in both Catalonia and the rest of Spain, because this says a lot about our country and also about its values and consensus, which are broad”.

Aragonès also pointed out how necessary it is to show citizens the usefulness of an alternative to the right, in terms of well-being, economic progress and the resolution of political conflict: "We have defended amnesty and self-determination and therefore, today, more than ever, it is also the main issue that must be addressed in Catalonia, calmly and discreetly, but also with all the necessary mutual demand”.

In this respect, he remarked that weeks of “negotiations as well as courage” are coming, where the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez will have to “take the first steps and explain what proposals they have on the table to be able to receive our support”.