President Mas during a meeting with the CATN
President Artur Mas during a meeting with members of the CATN
The Government of Catalonia has published the English version of the White Paper on Catalonia's National Transition. The work is a synthesis of the 18 reports published by the Advisory Council on the National Transition (CATN). The Catalan government has always wanted to give maximum transparency to the Catalan political process and this report is the case in point. In the same way, during the presentation of the Catalan version of the White Paper on September 29th, president Artur Mas explained that this compendium of reports will “provide information, opinion and will shed light” on issues of the Catalan political process which may concern the public.
The English version of the White Paper intends to carry out the policy of transparency further and seeks to explain the Catalan political process to the rest of the world. Since the beginning of the political process there has been a growing interest throughout the international community to learn, firsthand, of the current affairs of Catalonia and the White Paper, in this regard, will be a very useful tool. The text will be made available to the international press, foreign governments, the academic community and any person interested in knowing what the different predicted scenarios could be for a well thought-out, democratic and calm national transition.


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White Paper (English version)

White Paper (English version)
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