• The President favoured a joint accord on the date and time of the consultation
  • Artur Mas appealed for responsibility among the political parties to reach an agreement
Presidential Trip India
President Mas at the Ghandi Memorial on Sunday
Partial to a possible joint accord with the rest of the political formations on establishing a date and question to the consultative process, the president of the Catalan government, Artur Mas, advised caution and prudence when carrying out the consultation. “Depending on the possible outcome, [the process] will be as wearisome as it was with the Statue [of Autonomy]” declared the President, but highlighted that “now we can do it differently and better, and the best way of doing so is by not constantly talking about this sole issue, by not overwhelming the citizenry and reassuring the people that there will be an agreement, and it will be a good agreement”.
Upon his arrival to Mumbai, in a press conference President Mas appealed to the responsibility of political leaders in “this historic and transcendent moment”. The Chief Executive appeared convinced of a possible accord to settle the date and question of the consultation and stressed that he would do everything in his power to achieve this, but warned that “everyone will have to help, because this does not depend on one president, nor a single government or on the Convergence and Union party”.
In this regard, the Chief Executive explained that during the month of December meetings will be held with other Catalan political leaders to put the “the cards on the table in order to reach an agreement”.
Mas made reference to the last debate on general policy, where the proposition of having an agreement on the date and time of the consultation was made, highlighting that it would be “best to do it all together at the same time”. The Chief Executive warned that there would be a certain “rope pulling” in terms of reaching agreements and concessions, but if everyone “pulls the rope too much, it would break”, for this reason the President asked the political formations to be at the height of the expectations “required at this moment by the people of this country”. “It would not be explicable that, at this moment in time, the political parties are not able to agree on such a transcendent and decisive issue for the present Catalonia and the Catalonia of the future” emphasized the Head of Government.