• The Chief Executive assessed the position taken by the European Commission whilst visiting the Pfizer and Instrumentation Laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts
President Mas in Boston, MA.
President Mas during his visit to Instrumentation Laboratory USA by Werfen Group
President Artur Mas affirmed that the Government of Catalonia will adapt the Law on Cinema to the European Commission’s requirements, without affecting the “philosophy of the law, which is to promote the use of the Catalan language”. “It will be a more technical adaptation rather than a strict change in the core of the law” affirmed the President.
Artur Mas noted that, along with issues related with field of Justice, the film sector is where “the Catalan language is less present” than others areas and made reference to accords made when he first assumed office with the purpose of expanding the efforts to “dub more films in Catalan” on the big screens of Catalonia.
With these words the Chief Executive assessed the opinion given by the European Commission in its recommendation to modify the current Law on Cinema to adapt to Community regulations. President Mas made these declarations from Boston, Massachusetts during his official visit to the United States, where this morning he also visited the head offices of Pfizer and Instrumentation Laboratory USA, of the Werfen Group.
Before visiting the Instrumentation Laboratory facility, the President noted that Werfen is a Catalan company which has been “leading in technology for many years, which has invested and is currently manufacturing in the United States”.  “This demonstrates that in our country there are companies which, perhaps, are not very well known but are working towards internationalisation” declared the President.