Francesc Homs
Minister Francesc Homs during the press conference
The Government of Catalonia will maintain the process of civil participation of November 9th despite the decision reached by the Constitutional Court in accepting the State’s appeal: “Everything is ready for November 9th and the Government of Catalonia will maintain the participative process with all its consequences, as means to guarantee the freedom of speech”  assured the Minister of the Presidency and spokesman for the Government, Francesc Homs, adding that “the Government of Catalonia will never do anything that goes against the freedom of speech nor against the ideological liberty of the citizens of Catalonia”.
During the press conference following the Executive Council’s weekly meeting, Homs explained that the president of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, will call for a meeting with the National Alliance on the Right to Decide “because now, more than ever, it is necessary to stand united with determination to defend our fundamental rights such as the freedom of speech among the citizens of Catalonia”.
The Catalan Government has also filed a complaint to the Supreme Court against the Spanish Government through a special procedure to ensure the protection of fundamental rights. Specifically “for threatening the right to liberty of participation, of freedom of speech and of ideological liberty”.
Concurrently, the Catalan government will file allegations to the Constitutional Court against the suspension of the 9-N “to make it clear that what the Spanish Government wants to ban, has not been done since the 14th of October” told the Minister in reference to the suspension of the decree calling for consultations which was signed by President Mas in September. “One cannot forbid something that is not being done” affirmed Homs.
In this sense, the Minister denounced the way in which the Spanish Government has “placed matters to such an absurd degree”, as it considers that the Catalan Government is still celebrating the original consultation which was suspended a month ago.