PNDD meeting
Last National Alliance on the Right to Decide meeting before the 9-N
“We support the participative process of November 9th and defend our liberty to exercise it democratically. We thank and encourage the volunteers who are making it possible”. This was the conclusion reached after the meeting held today by the National Alliance on the Right to Decide (PNDD – Pacte Nacional pel Dret a Decidir) in the Parliament of Catalonia and which was led by the president of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, and the president of the Catalan Parliament, Núria de Gispert. Also present in today’s meeting were Joana Ortega, the vice-president of the Catalan Government, Francesc Homs, Minister of the Presidency, and the Minister of Justice, Germà Gordó, as well as fifty representatives of institutions, entities and political parties in favour of the Right to Decide.
The declaration approved today called for “all citizens of Catalonia” to participate on November 9thto affirm our personal conviction of responsibility for the political future of our country”. “The citizenry of Catalonia wants to participate with civility and respect for its plurality while, at the same time, affirming our fundamental democratic rights and strengthening the cohesion within our society”. “We are all called to participate, whatever our political decision may be”, stated the document.
The declaration also includes the possibility for all participants of the PNDD to adhere to the lawsuit filed against the Spanish State by Catalonia’s elected representatives before supranational institutions “because it [the Spanish State] violates the right of the Catalan nation to decide on its political future, impeding the citizenry any form of an internationally recognised consultation”.
‘Government leadership, political unity and civil society’
In a press conference following the PNDD meeting, Alliance coordinator, Joan Rigol, noted that “it was the sum of many factors that have led to the 9N: The Catalan Government’s leadership, political unity and civil society”, a “whole framework making it possible for the people to vote” on Sunday. “We are confident that we will get to November 9th in total harmony” amid the two fundamental parts of the process: “united action among the various political perspectives, with the notion of plurality in mind, and civil society’s immense initiative” assured Rigol.
The event, which ended with a long applause, also made an overt recognition to the municipalities, especially the smaller ones, which have been involved in the process since the foundation of the Alliance.
The National Alliance on the Right to Decide, created on June 26th 2013, aims to put together the most representative institutions of the country with civil society and the political forces favourable to the cause and involved in the process to bring about the Right to Decide and the celebration of a consultation to choose the political future of Catalonia. There are currently 3,745 entities involved in the process.



National Alliance on the Right to Decide meeting in the Parliament of Catalonia

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