• 1,977,531 participants have turned out between 09:00h and 18:00h
  • The Vice-President of the Catalan Government, Joana Ortega, highlights the normalcy and civility of the day’s proceedings
This evening, the Vice-President of the Catalan Government and Minister of Governance and Institutional Relations, Joana Ortega, disclosed the current figures regarding today’s participation process. The Vice President revealed that, from 09:00h and 18:00h, participation was at 1,977,531.
The Vice-President explained that the day’s participative event is developing in an absolutely normal manner and highlighted the good work being carried out by the more than 40,000 volunteers “who are helping to make the day into an exemplary event of participation, civility and democratic quality in the eyes of the whole world”.
The territorial distribution throughout Catalonia is as follows:
Participation at 13:00h
Participation at 18:00h
Alt Pirineu
 13,389 participants
     21,768 participants
693,914 participants
1,228,940 participants
Central Catalonia
112,770 participants
    186,991 participants
149,707 participants
    232,458 participants
  64,291 participants
    112,685 participants
 82,747 participants
    138,374 participants
Terres de l'Ebre
 33,092 participants
      55,315 participants
1,142,910 participants
1,977,531 participants
Data on participation by region and municipality is available at www.participa2014.cat.
November 9th 2014