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  • President Mas: "The 9-N has been a total success; we have left it very clear that we want to govern ourselves"
President Mas: "The 9-N has been a total success"

President Mas: "The 9-N has been a total success; we have left it very clear that we want to govern ourselves"

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President Mas: "The 9-N has been a total success; we have left it very clear that we want to govern ourselves"

  • The Chief Executive qualified the results of the 9-N as a “collective victory” and a “giant step towards freely deciding the political future of our country”
  • Artur Mas asserted that the day would go down in history of the country “as an unforgettable feat” and expressed “much pride to represent Catalonia during these times”  
  • The President also lamented the “political short sightedness, indifference and intolerance” of the Central Government towards the participative process
President Mas and Vice-President Ortega during the press conference
The president of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, qualified the day of participation of November 9th as a “total success” and added that the more than two million people who took park in the process made it very clear to the Spanish government that “Catalonia, once more, has demonstrated that it wants to govern itself”.
The Chief Executive, interpreted this success as a “collective victory” and expressed “his pride in being a Catalan, proudness of the country and of his people and of be able to represent Catalonia in this moment”. The President also expressed his disposition to “continue serving Catalonia, so that the day to freely and pacifically comes to decide our future, truly arrives”.
Artur Mas, affirmed that this 9th of November “will go down in the history of this country as an unforgettable feat”, with the inclination to “look ahead in order to build a better Catalonia in every sense of the word”. In this same regard, the President assured that “we have looked at ourselves in the mirror and liked what we have seen, as a country, as a society and as a nation”.
“Symbiosis between institutions and entities”
Another message President Mas wished to convey from his reflections of the day’s participation was how the process “was a perfect symbiosis between public institutions, civil societies and the public”. For this reason, the Chief Executive underlined that “together, we can go further and better” and that “when we do things right, our cause is truly victorious”.
The President emphasised the “exemplary civility” and the “great lesson in democracy” given by the more than two million citizens who participated. Mas also wished to thank the citizenry for “believing in their country, for giving Catalonia the dignity it deserves and for taking a massive step in the direction towards deciding, with complete freedom and full guarantees their political future”.
Artur Mas also expressed his special thanks to the more than 40,000 volunteers who collaborated in the 9-N, “without whom, we would not have been able to carry out the process”. The Head of the Catalan government noted that “we owe them a debt of gratitude and must acknowledge their generosity and sense of national duty”. The president also extended his gratitude to the “hundreds of town and city councils and local corporations “which have lent their services to the democratic occasion and which have vitally helped so that the day’s events proceeded correctly”.
“Political short-sightedness in Madrid”
The Head of the Government of Catalonia insisted that the Catalan democratic process “is not going against anyone, it simply goes in our favour, always looking out for the common good”. In this sense, the President lamented the first reactions from the Central Government, “once again, they have shown a political short-sightedness and indifference, if not, intolerance”. “Madrid had a golden opportunity to understand a powerful message from the Catalan society” revealed President Mas
On Tuesday, president Artur Mas will hold a press conference to announce the steps the Government of Catalonia will take after the 9-N participative process.


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President Mas during the 9-N press conference

President Mas during the 9-N press conference
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