La Marató de TV3
President Artur Mas with his wife, Helena Rakosnik, volunteering at La Marató call centre
La Marató de TV3, also known as La Marató (The Marathon) has been a major charity telethon based in Catalonia to raise funds for scientific research into diseases which are currently incurable. The event held once a year, typically during the Christmas season, aims to not only gather funds but to raise awareness by educating its audience with several hours of nationally televised entertainment to inform viewers of these diseases. Since 1992, La Marató has raised more than 138 million euros, earing its place as one of the most prestigious telethons at an international level. Furthermore, despite not being broadcasted in the rest of the Spanish State, it is considered as the most successful telethon in Spain. 
This year, La Marató focused on heart disease, one of the main causes of death, both in Catalonia and the rest of the world. After 16 hours of live television, more than a thousand events taking place around Catalonia to support the cause and the combined effort of thousands of volunteers and organisers, the 23rd edition of La Marató finished the day as one of the most successful national telethons on record, bringing in tens of thousands of donations from all over the country.
The event, which took place yesterday, counted with the participation of many volunteers, among which was the President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, who emphasized Catalonia’s charitable spirit and the importance of biomedical investigation while highlighting that this type of “research is fundamental if we are to fight against these diseases and improve their curability”.
The President also applauded the progress made in this field and congratulated La Marató de TV3 Foundation and Catalonia’s public television, Televisió de Catalunya for their continued efforts in raising awareness for these types of diseases. “In this sense”, the President added, “Catalonia is continuing to make its small universal contribution”.
The funds collected throughout the day reached a total of €8,864,016 and will go the investigation of heart conditions such as coronary diseases, valvular heart disease and ascending aortic disease, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy and congenital cardiopathy.



President Mas at La Marató de TV3 Telethon

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