• Minister Francesc Homs assists the annual Four Motors for Europe meeting in Milan
  • Barcelona will host a Four Motors summit in June to strengthen European platforms and reaffirm European Digital Agenda commitments
  • Homs: “Twenty-six years ago, Four Motors for Europe was an exercise for innovation; today it is a necessary strategy”
Francesc Homs and Roger Albinyana during the Four Motors for Europe meeting
Francesc Homs and Roger Albinyana during the Four Motors for Europe meeting
The Spokesman for the Catalan Government, Francesc Homs, reaffirmed Catalonia’s commitment to strengthen economic cooperation with the key European regions in the Four Motors for Europe annual meeting. The summit, which saw Catalonia take over the association’s presidency, brought representatives of the Baden-Württemberg, Lombardy and Rhône-Alpes regions together in Milan to enhance collaboration and offer proposals to enhance economic growth.
The objective of the meeting”, Homs stated, “is to strengthen relations and make economic cooperation more dynamic”. The Spokesman, who was accompanied by Secretary of Foreign Affairs Roger Albinyana, also revealed Catalonia’s intention to “rethink a socio-economic model” which would require an innovative and sustainable solution.  In this respect, Homs announced that Catalonia would continue the Four Motor’s approach during its Presidency and establish a platform for debate and for the exchange of proposals which would help “our territories remain at the forefront of Europe”.
Minster Homs revealed that given its driving power, the ICT sector would remain as a core element throughout Catalonia’s Presidency, which “must change our way of understanding the world and create qualified job opportunities while adding its own value”. In this context, Homs announced the intention to host the partner region presidents in Barcelona to further connect the network and establish a collaborative framework between each territory. The congress, which would be held in June, would conclude with a joint declaration “reaffirming our governments’ commitment to the European Digital Agenda”, announced Homs.
Innovation would also be one of the main themes highlighting the Catalan Presidency as it would be promoted within the industrial sector and the manufacturing industry. “We want to support dialogue on clusters and continue the efforts of previous Four Motors Presidencies but also develop new collaborative projects in this area“, proposed Francesc Homs.
Institutional Mission to Chile
In terms of the associations’ international projection, Minister Homs informed that during the Catalan Presidency there would be an institutional, technical and business mission to Chile which the Four Motors of Europe will take part in. The mission will focus on “city management” and will prioritize the environment, energy and energy efficiency, waste management, education and mobility.
The Minister explained his decision due to the country being “one of the most dynamic economies in Latin America” which offers an excellent opportunity for businesses beginning to export. In this regard, the network comprising the Four Motors is a good platform not only to enable relations between Chile and the partner regions, but also to offer Chilean businesses and institutions “a sufficiently attractive network to consider Europe as the stage for their foreign activity”, asserted Homs.



Minister Francesc Homs and State Councillor Gisela Erler

Minister Francesc Homs and State Councillor Gisela Erler 441