Artur Mas and Geert Bourgeois
President Mas and Minister-President Geert Bourgeois
The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas met with Geert Bourgeois, the Minister-President of Flanders, in the Palau de la Generalitat to strengthen cooperation, as well as the already close ties, between the two territories.
Artur Mas and Geert Bourgeois concurred in the necessity to project both economies internationally, to promote growth and employment within the European Union as well as the Eurozone and the subsequent need for a more favourable regulatory environment.
During the meeting, the Flemish Minister-President also highlighted the Catalan people’s “determination to get a stronger grip on their future” adding that “it is reassuring to see Catalonia’s commitment to the path of democracy and legality to meet its objectives
The relationship between the governments of Flanders and Catalonia is framed within a Cooperation Agreement, signed in 2008, and over the last few years it has allowed the two territories to cooperate and work closer together in areas of culture, public works, economy, commerce and science. Prior to this agreement, in 1992, Flanders and Catalonia signed a Declaration of Intent on mutual cooperation. Since then both governments have been in constant dialogue.   
Also attending the meeting were Roger Albinyana, Secretary for Foreign and European Union Affairs; Amadeu Altafaj, Permament Representative to the EU, and the Flemish Delegate in Madrid, André Hebbelinck, further representing the Vlaamse Regering.
Additonally, in February 2013 President Mas maintained a similar meeting in the Palau de la Generalitat with Minister-President Bourgeois’ predecessor, Kris Peeters, in which both representatives also highlighted their commitment to combine their efforts in order to project themselves internationally.



President Mas and Minister-President Bourgeois

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Common Declaration

Common Declaration
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