• Representatives from Berlin’s Civil Protection Services and the Japanese Consulate-General visit Catalonia’s Operative Coordination Centre (CECAT)
Civil Protection Services
Directors of Catalonia's Civil Protection Services meet with a delegation from Berlin's Department of Interior
This past week the CECAT, Catalonia’s Operative Coordination Centre, received visits from representatives of the Japanese Consulate-General in Barcelona and a delegation of Berlin’s Senate Department of Interior and Sport.
The week began with a visit of the CECAT facilities on Monday by a group of representatives from the Consulate-General of Japan in Barcelona. The group, led by Japanese Deputy Consul Aikko Sagano, visited the Emergency Coordination room after meeting with Jordi Aurich, the Generalitat’s general director for civil protection and Sergio Delgado, the deputy director of emergency coordination and management. The informative visit involved an explanation of how the unit functions, how the civil protection system is used and a brief description of how Catalonia’s emergency services are managed. Also present in the day’s visit were Japan’s Security Consul, Mitsuyo Kajita and a representative of the Consulate’s Security Department, Sandra Pérez.
The second visit received by CECAT this week was from a delegation of Berlin’s Emergency Services unit. The group, led by Dirk Würger from the Senate Department of Interior and Sport (Senatsverwaltung für Inneres und Sport) and who is responsible for Berlin’s Civil Protection services, was made up of 12 members from various areas including the fire services, civil protection, police and various volunteer organisations such as the Red Cross. As with the Japanese consular visit, the group was explained how the CECAT functions and met with directors from the civil protection services. The German delegation will remain in Catalonia until Friday and will visit other important facilities used to resolve emergency situations in Catalonia, including Barcelona’s Fire Department, the Generalitat’s Fire Service facilities and the Institute of Public Security of Catalonia (ISPC).
About the CECAT
CECAT, Catalonia’s Operative Coordination Centre (Centre de Coordinació Operativa de Catalunya) is the coordination and information hub for Catalonia’s civil protection services. It manages Catalonia’s emergencies through various operative bodies, organs and institutions which are constantly involved with the resolution of emergency situations. Its ultimate objective is to ensure the safety of individuals and the protection of their rights and possessions as well as the minimisation of consequences in the case of emergencies.



Consulate-General of Japan in Barcelona visit

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German delegation visit

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