Catalan and Spanish flags flying at half-mast
The Executive has initiated an emergency plan in response to this morning’s accident involving flight 4U 9525 which was flying on an Airbus A320 aircraft from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. According to French aviation officials, the airliner crashed in the French Alps between Barcelonnette and Digne.
Vice President Joana Ortega is now travelling to the site of the crash accompanied by the Government’s Foreign Affairs contingent. Furthermore, the Ministers for Home Affairs and Territory and Sustainability, Ramon Espadaler and Santi Vila, respectively, have travelled to the Barcelona – El Prat International Airport where a room has been provided in Terminal 2 for the families of the victims on the aircraft. The Government has mobilised a team medics and psychologists to attend those affected. Specifically, Catalonia’s Medical Emergency Services (SEM) has sent three units of Advanced Vital Support (Suport Vital Avançat) and a team of psychologists to provide primary psychological and medical support. Families of victims involved are being transferred to the Barcelona Airport facilities to be attended by medical staff and to be informed of any development regarding the situation.