Christiane Amanpour interviews Artur Mas
Christiane Amanpour interviews Artur Mas on CNN
The President of Catalonia, Artur Mas, assured on CNN’s Amanpour that the “first and only priority” of the Government in these moments “is to be close to the families of the victims” of the flight which tragically crashed in the French Alps this morning.
“The first thing is to help the families of the victims” stressed the President, “and this is what we are doing right now”. “This is the first priority” he continued, “and after that, we will help with the recovery together with the French authorities”.
During the interview with CNN’s Chief International Correspondent and host of the widely viewed Amanpour, the President explained that he had spoken with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy earlier this afternoon and that they had decided to go to France together where they will join Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Hollande “to know the reality and have a better knowledge of what happened”.
We are very sad and upset. This is the worst accident in our country and in Europe since the accident of the Concorde in 2000”, the President told Amanpour. “We are really shocked by this but our first priority right now is to be close to the families of the victims”, asserted the Chief Executive.
President Mas also stated that the Catalonia “is cooperating with the Spanish and French governments” and will provide the mission in Seyne-Les-Alpes with forensic experts. The Catalan Government will also provide the victims’ families with psychologists, medical doctors or with transportation to France if it is needed. The President also noted that as soon as news of the accident was received, the decision was made to send the Catalan Vice President, Joana Ortega, to France in order to be in direct contact with the French authorities. Similarly, the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Territory and Sustainability were directed to Barcelona’s El Prat Airport “to be close to the families of the victims” and coordinate everything that is needed in these circumstances.
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Amanpour interview - Transcript

Amanpour interview - Transcript
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