Law on PT and Qualification
Minister Irene Rigau in the Parliament of Catalonia
A new Law on Professional training and qualification was adopted yesterday by the Parliament of Catalonia. 89% of Members of Parliament gave support to this long-awaited law which is based on two separate regulatory frameworks. The new regulation aims to integrate previous conceptions of professional training, as it brings together professional programmes from the education system with employment training.  
With this new plan, in line to the European training scheme, the Government of Catalonia seeks to increase employment and competitiveness, improve young persons' skills and offer professional support to adults to boost economic recovery. According to the Minister of Education, Irene Rigau, the law will "comprehensibly responds to the needs of citizens and companies in areas of training and qualification".
The new law commits to a high-standard training system able to secure employment, meet competitiveness and economic changes. It also aims to offer opportunities to professionally qualified citizens unable to find a job and those exploring new career opportunities. It is therefore a drive to empower citizens and create equal opportunities to foster social mobility in Catalonia.
Minister of Education, Irene Rigau, stated that "it is a law to definitively overcome the economic crisis", asserting that "it will be implemented during three years in order to create employment opportunities that cannot be reached without proper training".
The law establishes a new monitoring committee as well as a Training and Professional Qualification Public Agency of Catalonia. The objective of the new system is to answer the challenges of the future, contribute to the consolidation of a new production model, a knowledge-driven economy and the internationalization of national markets.