Tonight, the President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, conveyed his solidarity with the French people in light of the night’s attacks in Paris: "It is as if they had occurred at home". "Many of our European compatriots have left us tonight and we feel as if their deaths are our own due to the great friendship the bonds us with France and the strong ties we share together”, Mas expressed during an interview on Catalonia’s national public radio and television.
After speaking to the Minister of Home Affairs, who has been in contact with the Spanish minister of Interior, President Mas explained that “all measures of prevention that are at our disposal have been taken”. In this regard, Artur Mas wished to give a message of "peace and tranquillity to the people, in the knowledge, however, that the problem is exceptionally present and what we have to do is to be on guard".
In the face of these attacks of "immense brutality", the President expressed that "we must be firm and strong, more than ever, because there have always been problems, attacks and terrorism, and when it happens close to home the effect is even more striking”. “We must defend our values ​​and give an example of the coexistence and cohesion that represents our society", affirmed the acting president.
Furthermore, the President of the Government also spoke with the Barcelona mayor Ada Colau and both have agreed to hold a minute's silence tomorrow at 12 at noon on Plaça Sant Jaume (Barcelona) to commemorate the victims of tonight’s heinous attacks.