Number of R&D projects
On Friday, the Minister of Business and Labour, Felip Puig, announced that since 2010, Catalonia has attracted 56% of the foreign investment intended for Spanish R&D projects.
Moreover, Puig explained that since 2010, Catalonia has been the number one region in mainland Europe to attract foreign investment in R&D. The Minister for Business and Labour made these declarations after Financial Times's FDI Markets reported that over the past five years, Catalonia has attracted 66 R&D foreign investment projects resulting in 1.07 billion euros and the creation of 6,000 jobs -an economic indicator confirming the country’s economic confidence in terms of stable and long-term investments.
Source countries
According to FDI Markets, companies investing most in Catalonia are those originating from Germany, the United States, Great Britain, France and Japan.
According to the source, this positive trend is a result of the country’s skilled and talented workforce as well as its favourable environment for technology and innovation projects. The report also emphasises the quality of Catalonia’s universities, research centres and rich industrial sector as important factors. In terms of specific industries, the report highlighted the significant investments in the pharmaceutical, tech, plastic and additive industries.