Netflix in Catalan
Since January 1, 2016, the provider of audiovisual content Netflix has been broadcasting movies in Catalan provided by the distributor DeAPlaneta. The eight movies currently available on Netflix have been dubbed with the support either of the General Directorate for Language Policy of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia or the Catalan Dubbing Service.
DeAPlaneta is the first distributor that includes movies with audio tracks in Catalan on Netflix. So far, the movies available on Netflix with audio tracks in Catalan are: Planet 51Killing Them SoftlyThe Brothers GrimmSky CaptainThe PianistBridge to TerabithiaThe Nanny Diaries and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
The General Directorate for Language Policy works closely with distributors to incorporate Catalan to their film productions and also to include the audio and subtitles available in Catalan in all distribution formats, not just cinema screenings, i.e. in formats such as Blu-ray, DVD, and especially on VOD platforms. This leads to a greater availability of movies in Catalan and gives a broader impact to contents in Catalan that have benefitted from state support. 
Currently, movies dubbed or subtitled in Catalan are available on Yomvi, Filmin, AppleTV and, since January, Netflix. The steady increase of movies in Catalan is the result of the efforts of the General Directorate for Language Policy, including important agreements, such as that with Canal+ since 2014; the diffussion of contents in Catalan on these platforms; the new line of funding for dubbing, and the commercialization of films with Catalan subtitles.
The ultimate goal of cooperation with distributors is to increase the availability of audiovisual content in Catalan. Thus, films that have been released in Catalan in cinemas, on television, on DVD or Blu-ray should be available in all formats.
The General Directorate for Language Policy promotes knowledge of the actions in favor of Catalan in movies through its Facebook account, Twitter and the website Cinema en català.