MIPIM congress
On behalf of the Catalan Government, Joan Aregio receives the award for 'Best Southern European Region of the Future 16/17'
According to European Cities and Regions of the Future 2016/2017, a report prepared by Financial Times’ FDI Intelligence division, Catalonia is Southern Europe’s most attractive region in terms of foreign investment for 2016 and 2017.
The barometer, used by multinationals when evaluating future business investment projects, highlights the strategy used by the Government of Catalonia to attract foreign direct investment and generate a business-friendly climate for possible investors.
In representation of the Catalan Government, the Secretary for Business and Competitiveness, Joan Aregio, received the award in honour of this recognition at the MIPIM congress held today in Cannes.
The study also ranked Barcelona as the top major city in terms of FDI strategy, highlighting its recent developments in infrastructure, such as the addition of the new Metro Line 9 to the city’s subway system, as well as its active digital presence which has been promoting the Catalan capital as key investment destination during the past few years.
Additionally, Catalonia ranked among the top twenty-five region in the survey’s overall rankings and among the top ten and top five in terms of business friendliness and FDI strategy, respectively. Similarly, the report placed Barcelona as the third best “Southern European City of the Future 16/17” and among the top ten major cities of the future in terms of connectivity and business friendliness.    
The report’s methodology involved a collection of data from 481 locations (294 cities, 148 regions and 39 local enterprise partnerships) under six different categories: economic potential, labour environment, cost effectiveness, infrastructures and business friendliness and FDI strategy. As a result of the strong qualitative approach, the ranking recognises sound strategies for developing local economies and is more comprehensive when assessing individual locations.