Government Agreements
Minister Borràs and Spokeswoman Munté during the press conference
On Tuesday, the Catalan Government approved the preliminary draft of the bill aimed at regulating electronic voting for Catalans living abroad. According to the Minister of Governance, Public Administrations and Housing, Mertixell Borràs, the bill will ensure the protection of their right to vote and circumvent any “hurdles” posed by the current system. In the press conference following the week’s Executive Council meeting, Borràs affirmed that “postal voting does not guarantee the right of Catalan expats to vote” and noted that in the elections of September 27 only 14,781 expats were able to cast their ballot, from a total of 196,065 registered voters residing abroad.

The decision is part of the Government’s commitment to increase voter turnout among the Catalan expat community in the next elections. Minister Borràs noted that the bill “will merely regulate online voting”, which will “complement” the other methods that are being used at present.
Additionally, during the press conference Spokeswoman Neus Munté announced the Executive Council’s approval of the draft bill for the creation of Catalan Cybersecurity Agency, which will provide the “necessary tools to face the risks and threats to the digital society”. The agency will replace the Information Security Center of Catalonia (CESICAT) and carry out the role of the cyber security public service that will be assigned to the Department of the Presidency.
The aim of the Agency will be to ensure and increase security level of electronic communications networks and information systems in collaboration with legal and police organizations.