• The meeting took place in the Palau de la Generalitat prior the former Minister’s appearance before the Supreme Court over his involvement in the 9N vote 
  • President Puigdemont: "What makes the rule of law stronger is the exercise of democracy"
President Puigdemont and Vice President Junqueras receive Francesc Homs
President Puigdemont and Vice President Junqueras receive former Minister Francesc Homs at the Palau
Vice President Oriol Junqueras:
Today we met with Mr Francesc Homs, Congressman Francesc Homs, to reaffirm the Government’s and all of its members’ commitment to democracy, the right to vote and the right for citizens to decide their future and the future of their country. It is evident that this commitment will never expire, it is the commitment that has been endorsed by the ballots and it is the commitment that we will always maintain and understand just as the majority of the people of Catalonia will maintain through the institutions.
President Carles Puigdemont:
When Francesc Homs appears before the Supreme Court he will not be alone, just as President Mas, Vice President Ortega and Minister Rigau were not alone. In the case of the President, the Ministers and Francesc Homs, the Government of Catalonia, which the Vice President and I have the honour of representing here today, had complied with what was a sacred task in democracy -an instruction from the citizens. Moreover, it did so correctly, without violating any law or right. On the contrary, it would have strengthened the rule of law because what makes the rule of law stronger is the exercise of democracy […] In an analogous situation the Government would make the same decision that it had made then, we would do exactly the same and therefore would also assume the responsibility in the face of those who consider that the rule of law is not strengthened by participation but by judicialization.  This is not the way forward.
The political approach, the political will of the citizens of Catalonia expressed through their legitimate institutions, Parliament and Government, is above any other consideration, and the obligation of those governing is to pay attention to the demands of the legitimate institutions. This is what the Government, then presided over by President Mas, understood, allowing for an extraordinary, peaceful and integrating exercise of citizen participation in which over 2.3 million people took part in. It allowed us to infer this country’s opinion regarding the political project to make Catalonia an independent state.
All our support, affection and sympathy to him […]. He will not be alone during his declaration, and they will not be alone in their trial or in the days following the trial and the rulings. His task was done on behalf of the Government, the Government works in the name of the country and this Government will remain faithful to the people’s mandate.