President Puigdemont and Rafael Catalá
President Puigdemont and Rafael Catalá at the Barcelona International Boat Show
In his comments to members of the press during today’s visit to Barcelona’s International Boat Show, Carles Puigdemont warned the Spanish government that the “judicialization of politics is the wrong way to reach agreements” and affirmed that it was “not practical when trying to stop the will of the people of Catalonia”.
The President’s remarks were in relation to the decision reached by Spain’s Council of Ministers to appeal the Catalan Parliament’s resolutions on the independence referendum to the Constitutional Court. In this regard, Puigdemont regretted that “any Catalan proposal to negotiate and offer dialogue is met by the Spanish state with a legal challenge”.
A few days ago I was in Madrid calling for dialogue and offering proposals”, the President explained, “I was hoping to receive a response with a similar democratic reasoning to take in the request and aspiration of the Catalan people, yet the acting government has responded with a sequence of appeals”, he added.