• Spokeswoman Munté: “The Government of Catalonia and Japan have shown interest in strengthening the existing cooperation”
2016-2019 Japan Action Plan

On Tuesday, 25 October, the Government of Catalonia approved the 2016-2019 Japan Action Plan, driven by the Ministry of Transparency and Foreign and Institutional Relations and Affairs and the Consulate General of Japan in Barcelona. The approval of the Plan was announced after this week’s Executive Council meeting in a press conference held by Spokeswoman Neus Munté. This will be the third edition of the Plan following the 2009-2011 and 2012-2015 editions.


The Japan Action Plan is an operational and coordination strategy promoted by the Government of the Generalitat to structure the relationship between Catalan and Japanese institutions and allows monitoring and regular assessment of the various initiatives undertaken in both countries. The aim of the Plan is to secure a position in the Asia-Pacific region and become a gateway hub in Southern Europe for Asia-Pacific countries in economic, tourism, academic and cultural terms.


“Both the Government of Catalonia and Japan have shown interest in strengthening the existing cooperation in areas of common interest, with the aim of consolidating the economic, institutional, cultural and educational relations between the two countries”, explained the Spokeswoman of the Catalan Government and Minister of the Presidency, Neus Munté.  


At present, the Generalitat is focused on strengthening ties with countries in Asia and the Pacific region. Together with the Euro-Mediterranean area, Asia-Pacific is a geo-strategic priority for Catalonia's foreign policy. Furthermore, Japan is one of the countries with which Catalonia has maintained some of the more long-lasting trade relations.