30th anniversary celebration of the FCCD
President Puigdemont and Minister Romeva during the 30th anniversary of the FCCD
During the 30th anniversary celebration of the Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation (FCCD) held today in Girona, the President highlighted Catalonia’s “willingness and its resources” to help solve inequalities, but denounced the Spanish state’s lack of commitment to development cooperation.
During his intervention, the Head of the Catalan Government, Carles Puigdemont, thanked the “effort and commitment” of local entities, volunteers and NGOs “that have made possible a change in the collective outlook towards the causes that have resulted from humanitarian crises and world poverty”. “With this change in perspective”, Puigdemont continued, “we have managed to introduce into the collective thinking the idea that poverty and inequality are abominable in the eyes of a society that wants to be decent”.
According to the President, “our failure is not having our own State to support this commitment”. “We have the political willingness, resources at our disposal and people working on the ground, but it is not enough while there is a State missing”, Puigdemont affirmed. “We want to be there. It’s what our society is calling for”, he added.   
The President stated that as a country, Catalonia “in all demographic, geographic and economic modesty, wants to be there in person and make its modest but ambitious contribution to help resolve humanitarian crises".
Also attending the organisation’s 30th anniversary ceremony were the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency, Raül Romeva, the Government’s Delegate in Girona, Eudald Casadesús, and the Mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas.