The TOPRail group in the International Union of Railways (UIC), led by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), has set up a new website to publicise and work online to raise the profile and awareness of the different tourist train services in the countries in the group.

The aim of the new website is to offer both users and aficionados of rail tourism and the companies who run it comprehensive information about the group, its members and the tourist services they provide.
The design of the site makes it possible to identify all the tourist rail options in TOPRail member countries quickly through photos that link to the information about them. An interactive map of the world helps to geolocate the services using their corporate image and links to their official web portals.

The TOPRail project

The primary aims of the International Union of Railways (UIC)'s TOPRail project, run by FGC as the leader of the working group chaired by the FGC representative Dr. Carles Casas Esplugas, are to describe the different tourist products, to conduct market and customer research concerning tourist-oriented rail services and to establish synergies and cooperation between group members in marketing these services.

The group is made up of different railway operators from countries including Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, France, Japan, South Korea, Slovenia, Switzerland and Spain.

Both FGC and the other members of TOPRail work to build up the leisure side and tourist possibilities of the train, above and beyond everyday use for commuting for work or studies.

The FGC tourist trains

Ferrocarrils offers a range of tourist options on its trains, above and beyond their everyday use for reasons of work or other needs, in a consolidated, successful service for leisure purposes.

Thus, the Tren dels Llacs (Lake Train) arrived at the end of 2016 with 99.08% occupation, beating the figure for 2015 (98.89%), while the Tren del Ciment (Cement Train) closed last season with 21,208 passengers, 540 more than in 2015. The Montserrat Rack Train and funiculars once again beat the figure of a million visitors in a year.   

The tourist options are complemented with Turistren combined tickets (journey + entrance to museum) enabling FGC users to visit museums, architectural sites or different leisure attractions close to the Ferrocarils rail network.

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