• Minister Santi Vila replaces Jordi Baiget as head of the Department of Business and Knowledge
  • President Puigdemont names Lluís Puig Gordi as Minister of Culture
Appointment ceremony
President Puigdemont appoints Lluís Puig as Minister of Culture
Due to discrepancies regarding the nature of the October 1 referendum, this week the President of the Catalan Government accepted the resignation of Minister Jordi Baiget from his duties in the Executive Council.
In this regard, the President’s commitment to a binding referendum is unwavering and the Government he presides is steadfast in allowing the Catalan people to vote on their political future.
Chosen to replace him as head of the Ministry of Business and Knowledge is Mr Santi Vila, who until Wednesday served as Minister of Culture.
During Vila’s appointment ceremony, the President thanked Jordi Baiget for the services rendered “to his country and the institution” and for the “honesty, effort and rigor” which the former Minister has shown throughout his tenure.
In his remarks, Carles Puigdemont encouraged Minister Vila to “achieve what we all set out to achieve, which is to have a country where trade, companies, universities and research centres have the opportunity to achieve their full potential”.
In Vila’s place as Minister of Culture, the President appointed the General Director of Popular Culture, Local Associations and Cultural Action of the Generalitat, Lluís Puig Gordi, who was sworn in on Wednesday at the Palau de la Generalitat.