• Minister Romeva: “Catalonia today, more than ever, has the will and the capacity to participate with its own voice in global debates”
  • Catalonia presented the foundations of its National Plan for the 2030 Agenda which envisages more than 750 government commitments to sustainable development
  • The Minister for Foreign Affairs also met with the president of the International Crisis Group, a global benchmark in conflict resolution, and agreed to host its annual event in 2018 in Barcelona
Raül Romeva
Minister Romeva during the UN Forum on the 2030 Agenda
Minister Raül Romeva spoke in New York on the Catalan Government’s commitment to implementing the 2030 Agenda in Catalonia. In this respect, he explained the proposals the Government is working on, which already has a base document for a National Plan for the 2030 Agenda which contains more than 750 executive commitments to sustainable development.
On Friday the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency, Raül Romeva, chaired the Global Partnership debate to implement the 2030 Agenda with a focus on the commitments, strategies and best practices for implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda in Catalonia.
The event was held as part of the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Among the participants were the president of the European Economic and Social Committee at the Sustainable Development Observatory, representatives of European and American institutions and organisations, and representatives of the UN Development Programme. The Catalan Government was also represented by CADS director Arnau Queralt; and the director general for Multilateral and European Affairs, Isidre Sala, who moderated the debate.
In this context, Romeva explained that the Parliament of Catalonia is discussing an ambitious law on climate change and mentioned the recent passing of the minimum guaranteed income act and the new maritime programme being promoted by the Government as “initiatives that dovetail with the objectives sought by the 2030 Agenda which position Catalonia as an actor committed to international goals and a pioneer in these particular fields”.
Romeva also referred to the current political situation in Catalonia and recalled that, historically, it is a country with its own initiative and a participant in international discussions and global challenges at the social, economic and environmental levels. In this respect, he said that “Catalonia today, more than ever, has the will and the capacity to participate with its own voice in global debates”.
On behalf of the Catalan Government, the director general for Multilateral and European Affairs, Isidre Sala, and the director of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Development (CADS), Arnau Queralt, took part in debates and presentations throughout the week as part of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development organised by the United Nations.
The Forum started last Monday and involves governments, institutions and organisations from all over the world who share a commitment to the 2030 Agenda. During the week, discussions ranged over the best ways of advancing, in an efficient and coordinated way, towards achieving the sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations. Under the theme of ‘Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world’, six of the 17 SDGs in the 2030 Agenda were discussed throughout the Forum.
Catalonia joins the United Nation’s Together campaign
Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs also met with the people responsible for the United Nations’ Together campaign to convey the commitment of the Catalan Government and Catalan organisations to upholding justice and human rights. Romeva formally confirmed Catalonia’s adhesion to the campaign and a joint event will be held in Barcelona in September.
Together is an initiative of the United Nations to promote respect, safety and dignity for refugees and migrants with the aim of countering the rise in xenophobia and discrimination.
The International Crisis Group to meet in Barcelona
Minister Romeva also met on Friday with the president and CEO of the International Crisis Group, Jean Marie Guéhenno. During the meeting, Romeva and Guéhenno reached a collaboration agreement between the Catalan Government and the organisation to hold its annual summit in Barcelona in 2018, the core theme of which will be migrations and conflicts in the Mediterranean.
The International Crisis Group is the most influential international observatory for the analysis, prevention and resolution of conflicts to build a more peaceful world, and is made up of influential and prominent individuals in the fields of government, business and philanthropy from all over the world.