President Puigdemont at the new offices with Minister Romeva and the head of the delegation, Francesca Guardiola
On Wednesday, President Puigdemont inaugurated the Government of Catalonia’s new delegation to the Nordic countries located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Nordic office is the latest delegation to be opened by the Government and joins a network of 12 foreign delegations that help promote Catalonia on an international level, both politically and economically. The delegations also host a wide arrange of cultural activities and play an important role in assisting Catalans living abroad.
During the inauguration, the President assured that on October 1 the citizens of Catalonia will have to choose between “accepting the status quo, with an autonomy that is empty of content, or declare independence in the framework of a Europe that shares sovereignties”. “There are no alternatives because the Spanish government has systematically refused to offer any other”, he added.
Puigdemont also highlighted firm democratic tradition in the Nordic countries as well as their culture of dialogue and agreement, “without omitting the particularities and nuances of each case”. In this regard, the President thanked them for their interest in the Catalan political process, which has been clear with the debates held on the subject in the various national parliaments.
The event was attended by the Catalan Foreign Affairs minister, Raül Romeva, the secretary of Foreign Affairs, Maria Badia, and the Government’s representative to the Nordic Countries, Francesca Guardiola. Danish and Swedish deputies, a representative of the Danish department of Foreign Affairs, and members of the diplomatic corps of Nordic and Baltic countries were also present at the inauguration.