I am calling for calm and serenity. The independence movement is not and has never been violent. We have always condemned violence. We cannot allow the kind of incidents we are seeing on our streets.

This must stop immediately. There is no reason and no justification for setting fire to cars or for any other act of vandalism. Protest must always be peaceful and civil. The more massive in scale, the better, but always peaceful. That’s how we remain in the right.

We cannot allow groups of infiltrators and provocateurs to tarnish the image of a movement that includes millions of Catalans who have always taken to the streets in a determined but calm way.

We cannot fall into the trap they’re laying for us. We don’t want provocations. We won’t tolerate them.

We cannot accept that a few, who do not represent us, break the path that the independence movement has followed for many years.

It’s normal and good for us to protest against a ruling that’s unjust and outrageous. The Marches for Freedom that started today are a magnificent example to follow.

Above all, nothing and no one should undermine our ability to move forward. We won’t allow it.

On the First of October, we beat the state without destroying anything. The independence movement builds; it doesn’t destroy. It’s not against anyone; it’s for everyone.

I repeat: calm, determination, civic responsibility and non-violence.