According to the Minister for Digital Policy, the royal decree announced today by the acting Spanish prime minister reflects the

The Minister for Digital Policy and Public Administration, Jordi Puigneró, said today that a decree against the Catalan government’s “Digital Republic” initiative, announced today by the Spanish government, amounts to a “digital Article 155”, referring to the article of the Spanish Constitution invoked to suspend Catalan self-rule in 2017.

The minister believes the announcement that followed a meeting of the Council of Ministers today is “stark evidence of the anti-democratic drift” of Spain’s Socialist Party. Puigneró also cited the closure of websites and applications and filtering of internet traffic by state agencies in recent weeks.

“We’re facing a digital Article 155,” he said. “This decree-law seeks to ban a digital republic that they said didn’t exist. Not only does it exist; it’s unstoppable,” said the minister. “The Digital Republic is the inception of a fifth power: digitally empowered citizens.”

Puigneró lamented that the Spanish executive is working against a key sector for strategic growth and the Catalan economy. “The state is a brake and a drag on Catalonia.” 

“The Socialist government is governing against Catalonia,” he said.

According to Puigneró: “Pedro Sánchez has disconnected from Catalonia and from the social and digital progress of this country.”