The project, in which several regions participate, will develop and share educational resources aimed at improving students' digital skills.

A project promoted by the Catalan Ministry of Education, aimed at developing and sharing with other European regions educational resources for improving students’ digital skills and fostering the exchange of best practices, has been selected by the Erasmus+ National Agency.

This network – EduRegio, Digital Regions for Education – includes education authorities in Trento (Italy), Coimbra (Portugal), Göteborg (Sweden), and Castile and Leon (Spain), as well as the Catalan Ministry of Education, which acts as the coordinator. The sixth member of the strategic partnership is European Schoolnet, a consortium of 34 European ministries of education that promotes educational innovation at the European level.

Recently, on the occasion of the presentation of the Ministry of Education’s Mòbils.Edu programme, Barcelona hosted a meeting attended by network members from all the participating regions. The aim of EduRegio is to maintain a permanent network of European education authorities that face similar challenges due to the rapid evolution of technology and methods for applying it in the classroom.

The project has been promoted by the Directorate-General for Innovation, Research and Culture of the Catalan Ministry of Education. The director-general, Mar Camacho, said she was pleased that the project had been included in the Erasmus + programme given the high number of cooperation for innovation proposals submitted by education authorities throughout Spain.

EduRegio participants will work to improve the digital competency of the education community as a whole in order to tackle the challenges of citizenship in the digital age. The educational objectives of the project will be achieved by designing a manual with recommendations for education policymakers and developing learning resources for use in the classroom and a course aimed at teachers, among other actions.