Catalonia is one of several Mediterranean regions of Europe that will implement new measures to promote ecotourism in protected areas.

The aim is to improve the ability of local and regional actors in the Mediterranean basin to include tourism and nature conservation on their agendas.

European Interreg DestiMED PLUS project

  • DestiMED PLUS builds on the legacy of the ENI CBC MED MEET and Interreg MED DestiMED projects, which since 2013 have brought together institutions, agencies and local actors from 10 Mediterranean countries to make the region a viable ecotourism destination, where the beauty of protected areas helps drive economic activity.
  • A new model for governance and for developing tourism products and packages that focus on nature and the culture of these areas will be created. The project also entails monitoring the ecological footprint of such products and packages.
  • The goal is to encourage authorities responsible for regional policy to apply cross-cutting measures that link tourism and conservation and support the creation of new ecotourism products in protected natural areas. This involves making local and sectoral improvements, applying integrated planning strategies, and using effective tools to manage, measure and promote ecotourism.