The Catalan executive has renewed its call for a mediator to be involved in negotiations with the central government.

The Executive Council of the Catalan government has approved the allocation of €8.6m to a grant programme aimed at helping work-integration enterprises carry out actions to improve employment and labour market integration of at-risk and socially excluded groups.

As part of an emergency action plan to be implemented during the Covid-19 health crisis and in its aftermath, the Catalan executive also approved the allocation of €5m to a programme that offers incentives for micro-enterprises and self-employed entrepreneurs to maintain jobs. The measure consists of a grant equivalent to 50% of the minimum inter-occupational wage, to be paid for six months and for a maximum of three workers. To be eligible for this support, these small employers must maintain the jobs of all of the staff they employed before the state of alarm for at least 12 months after the resumption of their business activity.

The Executive Council expects the measure to benefit up to 1,100 micro-enterprises and self-employed entrepreneurs.


Catalan executive renews calls for mediator

In a press briefing following yesterday’s meeting of the Executive Council,  government spokesperson and Minister of the Presidency Meritxell Budó said a mediator should be involved when negotiations with the central government resume: “We think a mediator is needed at the political negotiating table to resolve the conflict. From what we’ve seen of the Spanish government’s disposition, we think this safeguard is necessary.”

“I don’t know if this point will need to be settled before negotiations restart; right now we’re dealing with a health crisis. What will definitely need to be addressed is our call for the return of all our competencies so that we can manage the easing of the lockdown,” she said.