At the closing ceremony of the 52nd edition of the Catalan Summer University, the president said Catalonia needed to take the initiative once again, regain public trust, and rebuild bridges to achieve a shared strategy.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 52nd edition of the Catalan Summer University today, Catalan president Quim Torra, said: “We need to take risks to win” in the fight for self-determination and civil rights. “If we don’t engage in confrontation, we can’t move forward.” The head of the executive stressed the importance of challenging the Spanish state on its “weak point – respect for the fundamental rights of citizens, starting with the collective right to freely decide their future”.

Torra argued that despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, Catalonia should once again “take the initiative”. “Independence is more necessary and urgent than ever [if we want to have] the best schools, the best hospitals, and the best opportunities for Catalonia.”

The president also emphasised the need for unity. “Achieving independence is impossible without a shared strategy,” he said. He called for “shared leadership with citizens” and said all actors need to engage in self-criticism if they are to regain public trust.

The head of the executive advocated “disobeying unjust laws and obeying our own sovereignty”, arguing that if the Parliament of Catalonia is “the seat of national sovereignty”, it has the right, for example, to condemn the recent flight of scandal-hit former king Juan Carlos and call for “immediate political consequences”.


Operation September

During his speech, President Torra also referred to efforts to tackle the ongoing pandemic. He said the coming days would be critical, and that the government would once again call on the public to make a sustained effort to “flatten the curve” and minimise risks as people return to work after the summer holidays and schools prepare to reopen in September.