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Against the judicialization, politics and democracy

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Against the judicialization, politics and democracy

Government statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of the October 1st referendum

To enforce the self-determination right to decide freely, peacefully and democratically the political future of Catalonia. This was the aim of the referendum on October 1st of 2017 and this continues to be the tool that must resolve the political conflict between Spain and Catalonia. Because this is a vast majority political wanted in Catalonia and because it is an inalienable right which all nations that want to decide collectively and agglutinatively their political future have.

Against the freedom and democratic maturity represented by the ballot boxes, Spanish state has responded systematically with repression and judicialization. From police violence against citizens at the gates of polling stations, to the sentence of 100 years in prison to those who made possible the referendum on October 1st or the march into exile by the Government and other defendants for the organization of the referendum. A repression that doesn’t stop, with opened court causes to thousands of Catalans, and this week it has gone to the extreme of disable unfairly the Catalan’s President, Quim Torra, for claiming a feeling as majority in Catalan society as it is the freedom of political prisoners and the return of exiles. A real attack on the Government and the Parliament. An attack on the institutions where the sovereignty of Catalan citizens resides and from where, above all things, a country that wants to become a fully free state within the European Union has been built. This is why we do not resign and, on the contrary, we proclaim that the mandate of the referendum on October 1st is still in force and obliges us, because not to do so would be to assume that repression and involution have won the ballot boxes.

Against the repression, we show firmness in convictions. And against judicialization, more politics and more democracy. Repression only contributes to deepening and entrenching conflicts. And the enforce of democracy is what allows people to reach agreements. The proposal of the Government of the Generalitat is clear and transparent: amnesty, so that everyone regains their freedom; and self-determination, because we want the Catalans to freely decide whether they want to remain as a part of the Spanish parliamentary monarchy or opt for Catalan Republic. This is why the Spanish government must stop its blocking position and explain to the citizens which is their future proposal for Catalonia; on this day we know that his proposal is non-existent and void. It is a democratic demand that the Spanish state must return to the field of politics and negotiation and to stop the judicialization of politics and the repression of the state apparatus.

Our commitment is to make a Catalan Republic at the service of all citizens so that they can live better. That is why the future lies in amnesty and self-determination. This is why the future lies in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis by laying the foundations for a fairer, more prosperous, more innovative, greener and more feminist Catalonia.

The challenge is great. But when Catalonia can build the insurmountable alliance between the perseverance of the institutions and the commitment of thousands of citizens, it is also able to make possible the impossible. As we did it on October 1st and as we amplified it on October 3rd. All that energy must help us to grow up again and regain the initiative to win the Catalan Republic.


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Declaració del Govern en format PDF
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