Key for the Mediterranean Corridor

The Minister has addressed the Spanish Minister to remember him that "this is not the first agreement regarding road and railway access to the port and we request this one to be the definitive agreement, and that "in Catalonia, there has been a lack of investment for too long now, and the cause is the fiscal deficit, that is, the imbalance between budget and liquidity by the State or the non-fulfilment of the Third Additional Disposition". "We live with it", he explained, "and despite these difficulties, the considerable force of our entrepreneurship initiatives in the business network impulses us".


Calvet wanted to emphasize the strategic importance of these infrastructures, because "we are talking about the Mediterranean Corridor, not a whim, but a basic requirement for the Catalan economy, and the entire East of the Iberian Peninsula. The critical importance of this Corridor has not been understood or there was no will to understand it for many, many years".


South Access to the Port

  • New corridor exclusively for double-way mixed-width goods (Iberian and UIC) between the South fork of Bellvitge knot and the beach of reception and expedition tracks of Nou Llobregat (infrastructure to be executed by the Port of Barcelona), including the corresponding facilities of electrification, control and management and signpost.
  • Connection in mixed width through the new railway access to the terminal of Can Tunis, and its adaptation to the standard width as well as the necessary facilities. The adaptation of the rails of this terminal will enable the circulation in standard width between the current South accesses through street 4 and North through this terminal. It also includes the execution of two large terminals in the old riverbed.
  • Road access from the B-10, about 800 meters from Cornellà to the North knot at the Port entrance. The possibility of locating a complete connection in the intermediate area of the old final section of the Llobregat river, intended for the traffic of heavy vehicles going to or returning from the adjacent logistics port complex, will be evaluated.



Access to the Port

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