• The cobblestone created by the German artist Gunter Demnig will be installed during the ceremony of commemoration on the 80th anniversary of the execution
  • The Minister of Justice Ester Capella together with the 131st President of the Catalan Government Quim Torra will deliver a document to Companys' family proving the nullity of the Council of War that endorsed the execution
The Government Installs a Stolpersteine for Lluís Companys in Sant Jaume Square in Barcelona

Lluís Companys' great-nice, Mariona Companys, will install the stolpersteine in memory of the President in Sant Jaume square. She will do it in the presence of the Vice President of the Government, Pere Aragonès; the Minister of the Presidency, Meritxell Budó; the Minister of Justice, Ester Capella, and the 131st President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra. A representative of the Association of Friends of the Cities of Cologne and Barcelona, an entity that has collaborated with the Democratic Memorial to promote the installation of the brass plaque of President Companys will also attend the event. The cobblestone is guarded by the Democratic Memorial. Minister Capella will give it to Companys' great-niece so she can install it on behalf of the president's family. The event takes place today at 6pm as part of the tributes paid for the 80th anniversary of the execution of the President.


A creation of the German artist Gunter Demnig

A stolpersteine is a stumbling stone created by the German artist Gunter Demnig in memory of deportees, victims of National Socialism. The brass plaques are installed, whenever possible, in front of the last building where the victim lived in freedom. Companys' last residence was Casa dels Canonges, but the cobbestone will be installed in front of the entrance of the Palace to increase visibility and gain significance. The inscription of the stolpersteine includes "Here lived the Honourable President Lluís Companys Jover, born in 1882, exiled in 1939, arrested in 1940 in France and executed on October 15, 1940." Artist Gunter Demnig will not be able to attend the installation of the plaque due to the pandemic.

The president was extradited illegally from France in 1940, with the collaboration of Nazi Germany. After humiliations, tortures, a brief council of war and no procedural guarantees, the Francoist regime executed him in the morning of October 15, 1940, at dawn.


The Government Installs a Stolpersteine for Lluís Companys in Sant Jaume Square in Barcelona

Delivery of the document of nullity of the political trial that sentenced the President to death

Minister Capella and former President Quim Torra will also deliver to Companys' family the document proving the nullity of the Council of War that summarily sentenced the president to death, shot dead at 7.30 am on the 15th of October in 1940, in Santa Eulàlia grave, Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona.

The Department of Justice has been issuing these documents since 2017. They are personalized and state the invalidity of trials or councils of war dictated by political causes in Catalonia during Franco's dictatorship, from 1938 to 1978, such as President Companys' execution. The National Archive of Catalonia publishes the   list of persons and entities against whom military judicial proceedings were instituted between April 1938 and December 1978. The list includes 66,592 individuals and 15 entities unfairly prosecuted by Francoist courts. This list is public, in accordance with the Law 11/2017, of 4 July, on the legal reparation of the victims of the Franco regime, which declares the Francoist courts illegal and invalidates all the causes, judgments and resolutions they issued.