• This new test, which complements PCRs, is less expensive and gives the result almost instantly
The Catalan Ministry of Health Increases COVID-19 Rapid Detection by Distributing up to 3 Million Antigen Tests
The Health System of Catalonia has a new tool these days to rule out or confirm positive cases of COVID-19. These are antigen tests, tests that detect the proteins in the virus and identify people with symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection, especially if the test is done within the first 5 days with symptoms.

The antigen test requires a nasal sample taken by a health professional with the help of a swab. The results take 10 to 15 minutes and are given at the same point of attention where the sample was taken. Each test costs approximately 4.5 euros -much less than a PCR test- and last Friday they began to be distributed throughout the country -in primary care centres and hospital emergencies. The first 500,000 units of a first order of 1 million will be followed by 2 million more. In fact, the first tests have already been carried out in 161 health centres in Catalonia with the following results: 375 positives out of 1,641 tests.