Evaluation Tests for 4th Year Students of Secondary Education Remain Stable
The results of the students who took the evaluation tests of 4th year of Secondary Education remain stable compared to the previous years. This is one of the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the tests carried out by the High Council for the Evaluation of the Education System of Catalonia, presented today at the press conference.

The tests, which took place last February, make it possible to analyse the degree of achievement of the basic competences at the end of compulsory education. They were carried out by almost 80,000 students from 1,081 schools of all sizes. The Secretary of Educational Policies, Carles Martínez, pointed out that the tests “speak about the skills that students need in order to live in a democratic society. We are the only educational administration that has been taking them for 10 years and all the students have to do it”.

The exams evaluate the basic skills in Catalan, Spanish, English, Mathematics and Science and Technology.

Martínez recalled that “these are not final exams; they do not have an impact on the student's transcript of records. These exams tell us the state of education in schools and their students. They help the educational system and the centres to make decisions based on the results of the tests”.

Stability in the results

The results of the exams of 4th year students of Secondary Education of the academic year 2019-2020 show stability with regards to the exams of the previous year. Therefore, the average score of the different competences is as follows: 74.1 in Catalan; 77.0 in Spanish; 74.7 in English; 70.2 in Mathematics; and 63.5 in Science and Technology.

Between 20% and 27% of the students achieve a high level of skills in all subjects evaluated. Only 16% of the students with the lowest scores do not reach the competences recommended by Europe for 2020 in science and technology. The maximum percentage of students who cannot achieve a competence is set at 15% as reference.

This year, the tests for 4th year of Secondary Education will be held on the 17th and 18th of February, and the tests for the 6th year of Primary Education will take place between the 4th and 6th of May.