Minister of Health Alba Vergés:

The Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, and the Minister of the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, appeared today at a press conference to analyse the epidemiological situation in Catalonia due to COVID-19 and mobility in the country.

In her intervention, the Minister of Health stressed that for the first time since the end of September the transmission rate (Rt) has dropped and is below 1. "The measures of October 16, 25 and 30 are providing results, but we cannot say that the situation is not serious as in other European countries", said Vergés. The Minister explained that despite this slowdown, "only in a few days daily cases will start to drop and only some days after the number of hospital and ICU admissions will drop, too". 

Vergés said "pressure on assistance care is considerable, please be cautious". "We still have considerable healthcare pressure, especially in Primary Care and in our hospitals; ICUs capacity is at 85%". The Minister of Health said we need to be understanding with regards to the evolution of the epidemiological situation: "first of all, this drop needs to be consolidated and then we will consider how we proceed in the coming weeks". Vergés said the goal is to "reach a transmission rate of 0.8 and maintain it".

The Minister of Home Affairs, Miquel Sàmper, highlighted "the collaboration of the citizens who respect the restrictions despite the important effects they entail". "It is very important that the progress of the pandemic is stopped, and the transmission slowed down. The measures are helping us reach this point, but we need to continue", she added.

The Minister recalled that "there is a new regional lockdown during the weekend, starting on Friday at 6:00 a.m. and finishing on Monday at 6 a.m.", and she emphasized her "gratefulness for the degree of compliance of the majority of the citizens" and she asked to "maintain this behaviour".