Catalonia and Lower Saxony Will Research together on Turning Agriculture into a Resilient System for the Future

Lower Saxony and Catalonia want to collaborate on a research project together. This is the result of an exchange between the Minister of Agriculture of Lower Saxony, Barbara Otte-Kinast, and the Catalan Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Jordà, who met in a videoconference recently, together with delegations from both parties. The common objective is a collaboration in the field of agricultural research to apply for European research funds (Horizon EUROPE) to find solutions to the problems of intensive agricultural systems.

The Minister of Agriculture of Lower Saxony, Barbara Otte-Kinast, emphasizes that "agriculture in Lower Saxony is in an unprecedented process of transformation. In this context, we can learn from each other, and seek for solutions together!". On the other hand, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Catalan Government, Teresa Jordà, highlighted the importance of the Catalan agri-food sector, and highlighted some of its values. Therefore, Teresa Jordà stressed that this is a "strategic, strong, dynamic, competitive, sustainable, and innovative sector, and the Ministry is firmly committed to this innovation and transfer to ensure its future optimum viability". Jordà also stressed the convenience of the collaboration between Catalonia and Lower Saxony, especially because both regions are similar in terms of the agri-food sector, synergies can be added to the strategies of the European Union in the field and sustainable agricultural productions can be obtained.