• The Minister of the Presidency and Government spokesperson, Meritxell Budó, will close the event with the participation of 200 international speakers who are experts in the use of time
  • Time Use Week will take place online in November 23-27
Under the slogan Building a new global agenda, Times Use Week 2020 is internationalised with the participation of 50 international benchmarks in healthy time policies and a more international agenda. However, actions and policies carried out during this period by the Catalan Government and the Office for Time Reform are also relevant.

Time Use Week 2020 will take place electronically in November 23-27 and it will be a space for multidisciplinary meeting and debate in order to answer key questions about time policies based on a common goal: to build a discourse on global policies, which will bring greater well-being to citizens and it will be aligned with the new socio-economic context marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, globalization and digitalisation of jobs, and the objectives of Agenda 2030.

The day will be divided into four topics:

1) Labor Relations: discussion on the impact of Covid-19 on the formulation of time policies in the labour world and the organization of work, focused on telework. The participants of this section will be the following: Joaquín Nieto, Office Director of  the International Labour Organization in Spain; Charlotte Lockhart, CEO of the 4-Day Week Global Foundation; Esther Lynch, Confederate Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation; Lilian Volozinskis, of Small and Medium Enterprise Europe; and Esther Sánchez, PhD in Law and Director of People at ESADE.  

2)International Policies: the European dilemma on the abolition of time change that the EU will address in 2021. This round table will be a space to discuss on the most appropriate time zone and the impact this decision could have on our health and well-being. The participants will be the co-founder of the International Alliance for Natural Time, Tícia Luengo; the founder of the association Save Standard Time (USA), Javier Albares; the medical director of the Sleep Unit of Teknon Medical Centre; and the chronobiologist Maria de los Ángeles Rol de Lama.

3)Research in time policies: the results of the various studies on the impact of COVID-19 on the uses of time will be presented, such as those of the Centre for Opinion Studies of the Catalan Government (CEO), Eurofund, Harvard Business School or the London Business School.

 4)Local time policies: it will include a meeting of Catalan municipalities. Catalan City Councils such as those of Sant Boi, Argentona, Girona, Lleida and Barcelona will participate as well as some international ones, such as Bolzano and Rennes.



The Government Participates in the New Edition of Time Use Week Focused on Healthy Time Policies and the Construction of a Global Agenda

The Government Participates in the New Edition of Time Use Week Focused on Healthy Time Policies and the Construction of a Global Agenda 417