• They will be a key figure in strengthening the internationalization of the Catalan agri-food sector, which generates a turnover of €38,205 million and employs 163,372 people.
  • The first phase of implementation of these trade advisors will begin in the markets of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico.
Foreign Action and Agriculture Incorporate Trade Advisors for the Agri-food Sector in Strategic Markets through Government Delegations

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, Teresa Jordà, and the Minister for Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency, Bernat Solé, have signed an agreement this morning, through Prodeca, the public company promoting Catalan food attached in the Ministry of Agriculture, which will enable the incorporation of specific commercial technicians for the agri-food sector in strategic markets through the Delegations of the Catalan Government. This initiative is an action included in the Commission for the Development of the Plan for Economic Recovery and Social Protection-CORECO.

Priority Markets

The initial phase of incorporation of the agri-food trade advisors will begin in 4 markets: The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico. These countries are considered priority markets for their strategic importance for Catalan food exports and for singularities that require maintaining and enhancing direct and permanent contact as well as strategic advice on marketing and promotion.