• The Ministry of Work, Social Affairs and Families is one of the nine partners that will promote this initiative, which will replicate in several European countries the Catalan experience of the Roma Student Meetings that have been held for 18 years
Work, Social Affairs and Families, through the Roma People and Social Innovation Programme, participates in the European project Romnia Transform: Roma Women transforming the educational systems around Europe through their social and political mobilizations (RTRANSF).

The Minister is one of the 9 partners in this initiative, which aims to influence the policies of Roma women and girls by promoting quality education. RTRANSF has received the support of the European Commission, that is, €300,000 from the Erasmus+ programme.

The project will take place over the next 3 years and will focus on disseminating and expanding the Roma Student Meetings, a practice that began in Catalonia 18 years ago led by Roma women with the support of the Government Comprehensive Plan of the Roma people and contribute to the educational and social inclusion of Roma women and girls. The project will transfer the Catalan model to other European regions and will establish synergies among Roma students from these countries.