The Ministry of Territory and Sustainability and leading biodiversity centres in Catalonia presented the report "L’Estat de la natura i la biodiversitat a Catalunya 2020" (The State of Nature and Biodiversity in Catalonia 2020), produced with the collaboration of 40 organisations and based on scientific data and evidence collected by hundreds of people.

The Minister for Territory and Sustainability, Damià Calvet,  concluded the event with a speech on the "Four Levers for Change and a Turning Point", in which he highlighted the data in the study.

According to the results in the report, population loss in the last two decades is over 50% of animal species in rivers, lakes and wetlands, 30% in farmland and 10% in woods and scrubland.

This report, matching others presented by the United Nations, European Commission and more advanced countries, shows that Catalonia is also suffering the worldwide biodiversity loss emergency, although to a lesser extent (25% compared to 60% globally).

The report supports the Catalan Government’s efforts over the last three years, including the approval of a natural heritage and biodiversity strategy, the creation of the Nature Agency of Catalonia and the implementation of a specific fund for environment policies.