• The programme, headed by the Directorate General for Digital Administration, will run for three years.

The Government of Catalonia has approved a programme to drive forward digital administration as a key element in tackling COVID-19. Set to run for three years, it will be headed by the Directorate General for Digital Administration and will include up to eight new appointments to ensure the proper execution of the processes involved.

Given the current context, digital administration is essential to ensuring citizens can continue interacting with government agencies. In this context, the Catalan government is providing an on-going boost to measures combating the social and economic effects of the pandemic, aimed at both business and the general public, requiring agile and effective digital administration for their implementation.

The new temporary programme contributes to the goal of facilitating effective implementation of digital administration and the necessary accompanying change in culture, while also developing a new learning culture among Catalan Government authorities and their public sector workers.